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  Peter Wood 


Stepping Up

CD Running Order

01 Aneva Time (2-43)

Dovecote Park / J. Braidwood

The Glendaruel Highlanders / A. Fettes

02 Polka (3-19)

The Gleniffer Polka / A. Rankine

03 Irish Waltzes (3-30)

If you ever go to Ireland /Trad

The Homes of Donegal /Trad

Spancil Hill / Trad

Lily McNally Mcnair

04 Sanday Strip the Willow (4-40)

The Sailor’s Wife / Trad

John and Cheryl’s 30th Anniversary / P. Wood

Michaelswood / P. Wood

Jim and Beth’s Sanday Song Feast / P. Wood

05 Swedish Dance (3-18)

Ölandtöser / O. Hultner

Dansen den går på grönan äng / E. Willners

06 Headlands (3-54)

The Headlands / R. Cooper

Da Guizers March / G. Stove

Dr Morrison’s Seven Thistles / J. S. Skinner

07 Reel Lead Guitar (3.34)

The First Century Reel / R. Meeks

MacArthur Road / D. Richardson

08 Andy’s Air (4-24)

Rosemarkie / A. Kain

09 Jolly Jigs (3-21)Ö

Sweet Bidy Daly / Trad

Da Sooth End / W. Hunter

Humors of Glendart / Trad

10 Yell for a Polka (2-34)

Da Petrie Polka / P. Wood

11 The Siege Set (2-26)

The Seige of Ennis / Trad

Tam’s Rockin Fiddle / G. Shand

Chadwick’s Bog / R. Cooper

The Anvil / R. Cooper

12 Barn Dance (3.28)

John Carmichael’s Farewell to Scotland / A. Rankine

Rudy Meek’s Farewell to Scotland / M. Fielding

13 Canadian Two Steps (4.44)

Pat's Two Step / John Arcand

Roy and Nancy's Two Step / Bill Guest

Joyal's Two Step / Denis Brisson

The Mink Lake Two Step / Webb Acheson

14 Out of this World (2-51)

Fly me to the Moon / Bart Howard

15 Maple Jigs (4.36)

East Point Jig / Matilda Murdoch

Sam's Sugar Bush Jig / Gerry Smith

Kent County Jig / Angus Robichaud

Marg's Jig / Matilda Murdoch

16 Continental Flavour (3-25)

Pavements of Paris / K Harling

Under the Bridges of Paris / V. Scotto

17 Aussie Two Step (2-29)

Suzannah and Andy’s Wedding / P. Wood

18 The Stornaway Pipe Set (4-34)

The Stornaway Taxi Driver / P. Wood

How’d You Like Your Puddings? / P. Wood

The Piping Sheltie / P.Wood

Ailis Sutherland / P. Wood