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  Peter Wood 


1. Gay Gordons- Alternative Dance – The Edinburgh Mixture (2.32)

The Aud Squad (P. Wood)

2. The Wild Geese (8x32 Jig) – Alternative Dance – The Flying Scotsman (4.24)

Mrs Macpherson of Cluny (J. Lowe), Lizzie Duncan’s Fancy (R. Gonnella), Saddle the Pony (Trad), The Murray River Jig (G. Townsend)

3. Viennese Swing- Alternative Dance – New Hesitation Waltz (2.43)

Bourrasque (Michel Peguri)

4. The Orkney Reel (96 bar Reel)- Alternative Dance – The Dancing Master (1.48)

Roxburgh Castle (Trad), Calver Lodge (Trad), The New High Level (A. Rankine)

5. Britannia Two Step- Alternative Dance – Kelvingrove Two Step (2.19)

Margaret’s Milestone (P. Wood)

6, Schottische – Alternative Dance – Jacky Tar Two Step (3.12)

Min tos (Otte Hultner), Fryksdals-Dans. Nr 1 (E. Willners)

7. Sweetheart Waltz- Alternative Dance-Modern Waltz (4.45)

Grace Elizabeth Wood (P. Wood), Waltz for Karen (P. Wood)

8. Eva Three Step- Alternative Dance- Fredericka Schottische (3.57)

George Farquhar of Hoswick (P. Wood), Magnus Macleod (P. Wood), To Graham from Grace (P. Wood)

9. Clutha – Alternative Dance Shiftin Bobbins (4.30)

The Bow-Legged Bosun (J.M.Hunter), Peter Davidson’s Reel (R. Cooper), The Sally Gardens (Trad), Merryn’s Reel (R. Cooper)

10. St Bernard’s Waltz- Alternative Dance- Lomond Waltz (3.57)

Hamish’s Boat (P. Wood), Da Sea Gaet Waltz (P. Wood), Emillie's Waltz (P. Wood)

11. Boston Two step-Alternative Dance – Military Two Step (2.19)

Geordie’s Farewell to Sandwick School (P. Wood)

12. Petronella (8x32 Reel) – Alternative Dance – The Duke of Perth (4.34)

Petronella (Trad), Carol the Pointer (R. Black), The Lollipop Wave (P. Wood), Nancy Ellis of Palnackie (P. Wood)

13. Barn Dance-, Alternative Dance – Jazz Twinkle (3.18)

Bert’s Highland Polka (J. Ritchie), The Royal Scots Polka (J. Denholm)

14. The Weaver (8x32 Jig)- Alternative Dance – Strip the Willow (4.38)

The Weaver (Trad), Paddy MacDonald’s Leather Breeks (A. S. Robertson), Stoneypath Tower (J. Johnstone), The Pommander Jig (I. Cameron)

15. Jessie’s Hornpipe (8x32 Reel)- Alternative Dance – Dashing White Sergeant (4.33)

The Ton (Trad), The Rose Tree (Trad), Bill Sutherland (A. Rennie), Davy Knick Knack (Trad)

16. Waltz Catherine – Alternative Dance – Silver Wedding Waltz (4.47)

The Isles of Gletness (J. Barclay)

17. Mississippi Dip-Alternative Dance- Westray One Step (2.49)

Penny Polka (Camilleri)

18. Waltz of the Bells – Alternative Dance – Pride of Erin Waltz (2.21)

Nya Varmlandvalsen (Carl Jularbo)

19. White Heather Foxtrot – Alternative Dance – Polka (3.11)

Maddy & Caroline’s Polka (P. Wood), Caroline’s Polka (G. Meikle)

20. The Black Mountain Reel (5x32 Reel)- Alternative Dance- The Fishermans Reel (2.54)

Grandpa Wood (P. Wood), Andrew Farquhar of Hoswick (P. Wood), Le Cheile (M. Scollay), Ruari Stephen Scott (M. Scollay, To Laura from Grace (P. Wood)