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  Peter Wood 


1, Grand March-Alternative Dance-The Gay Gordons (6-16)

Highland Laddie (Trad), Caber Feidh (Trad), Sean Trews (Trad), Glasgow Week in Hamburg (J. McAllister), Master Angus Crawford Wood (P. Wood), The Black Bear (Trad)

2. The Duke of Perth-Alternative Dance-Tennessee Mixer 8x32 Reel (4-39)

The Duke of Perth (Trad), The Ring Bearer (P. Wood), The Breakdown (Trad), The Houstry Reel (P. Wood)

3. St Bernard’s Waltz-Alternative Dance-The New Killarney Waltz (3-37)

The M.T.B. Waltz (Trad), Elomaan Valssi (Trad Finnish)

4. Hooper’s Jig-Alternative Dance-Hamilton House 8x32 Jig (4-30)

Peter’s Peerie Boat (T. Anderson), MacDonald’s Awa to the Wars (Trad), Dave Provan’s Jig (J. Renton), Maureen’s Jig (F. MacDonald)

5. Military Two Step-Alternative Dance-Anniversary Two Step (3-31)

Triumph March (R.M. Adamson)

6. Canadian Barn Dance-Alternative Dance-White Heather Foxtrot (3-22)

Father John Macmillan of Barra (N. MacDonald), Gussie (P. Wood)

7. Modern Waltz-Alternative Dance-Waltz Catherine (4-53)

The Dark Island (I. MacLachlan), The Skyeline of Skye (D. Heneker)

8. The Gay Gordons Two Step-Alternative Dance-Call of the Pipes (3-46)

Mr & Mrs Alex Ross (J. MacGregor), Dr Ross’s welcome to the 50th Argyllshire Gathering (D. MacLeod), Cyril and Esma Reid of Blairgowrie (P. Wood)

9. The Flowers of Edinburgh-Alternative Dance- The Reel of the 51st Division 8x32 Reel (4-28)

The Flowers of Edinburgh (Trad), Da Knowe Boy’s Reel (P. Wood), Willafjord (Trad), The Easy Club (J. Sutherland)

10. Waltz for Zoe-Alternative Dance-Memory Waltz (3-02)

Style Musette (A. Verchuren)

11. Boston Two Step-Alternative Dance-Southern Two Step (2-23)

Ava Irene’s Two Step (P. Wood)

12. Mayfair Quickstep-Alternative Dance-Georgella Blues (2-40)

Lady Be Good (G. & I. Gershwin}

13. Strip the Willow-Alternative Dance-Good to Ken You 8x32 Jig (4-19)

The Banjo Breakdown (Trad), The Curlew (D. Macpherson), Inspector Donald Campbell of Ness (P. MacLeod), The Irish Washerwoman (Trad)

14. Friendly Waltz-Alternative Dance-Ruby Waltz (4-44)

Sous Le Ceil De Paris (H. Giraud), A Windmill in old Amsterdam (M. Rudge), Lara's Theme (M. Jarre)

15. Trip to Bavaria-Alternative Dance-Bobby Brown’s Canadian Breakdown 4x32 Reel (2-19)

Hamish’s Tune (A. Rankine), Mrs Mary Printy (I. MacPhail), Reel for Ronald o’ Boddam (P. Wood), James Forrester Rankine (A. Rankine)

16. Slow Foxtrot-Alternative Dance-Breakaway Blues (3-05)

Little Old Wine Drinker Me (Mills/Jennings), Old Faithful (E. Arnold)

17. Ian Powrie’s Farwell to Auchterarder-Alternative Dance- The Bee’s of Maggieknockater 128 Bar or 4x32 Jig (2-16)

West Kirkton (J. MacGregor), The Bonanza Two Step (J. Clinkscale), The Hogmanay Jig (A.Rankine), West Kirkton (J. MacGregor)

18. Jazz Twinkle-Alternative Dance-Palais Glide (3-08)

Liberton Pipe Band/The Killberry Ball (Trad), The Train Journey North (T. Anderson)

19. Southern Rose Waltz-Alternative Dance-New Hesitation Waltz (2-33)

The Wood Cottage Waltz (P. Wood)

20. Hamilton Rant –Alternative Dance- The Distillery Reel 4x48 Reel (3-22)

Dr Bob Smith (S. Hamilton), Always Welcome (Trad), The Bottom of the Punch Bowl (Trad), Gordon’s Favourite (R. Cooper)

21. Auld Lang Syne (Trad)(1-37)